London & Lemon celebrates The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee with whimsical artwork

Royal watchers on social media will likely recognize London & Lemon‘s precious artwork celebrating the British Royal Family. From the Duchess of Cambridge on a dance floor to Princess Diana‘s notorious street style, Yaz Johnson captures the royals in artwork perfectly described by the brand as “whimsical.” I know, I wish that headline was all me!

This brand aspires to lift your spirits at a glance! Yaz tells, “We hope our designs and little luxuries can help you find your everyday joy, whether it’s the buzz you get from sipping tea from your London & Lemon mug or the smile on your face from catching a glimpse of your London & Lemon artwork!” Sometimes all it takes is a cartoon corgi… “It is important to enjoy the small things in life because these little moments add up to create a happy life,” says Yaz.

Love the name? So do we! The London & Lemon founder tells us that the name, “comes from the classic, timeless style of London coupled with a fun, bright twist of lemons! As you may be able to guess by our name, we have a lot of royal artwork and British-themed art on site.”

Born a Brit, Yaz, who now lives in the states, finds following the royal family comforting. “I have always had a love for the royals since I was a young child,” she says. “Keeping up with the royal family has always been a way for me to connect with my British roots. Beyond that, I really appreciate the causes that the Royal Family brings awareness to with their immense global platform, particularly the early years, mental health, and environmental initiatives!”

A royal watcher just likes us, Yaz admits, “Who doesn’t love the glitz and glamour of the royals and their incredible fashion? It’s a fun spot of brightness in an otherwise serious world!”

The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee was the perfect excuse for London & Lemon to focus their talents on one of the world’s most respected women: “To me, the Queen represents fortitude, confidence, and empowerment. She is this incredible woman and has been consistent and comforting in her steadfastness for the past 70 years as the world’s longest-reigning monarch,” gushes Yaz.

“She has commanded respect at a time when women weren’t typically in positions of power and I think she can be an inspiration to us all. She has been resilient through difficult circumstances in her life and is an inspiration to forge ahead with optimism and strength no matter the situation.”

In preparation for Jubilee celebrations, London & Lemon has created postcards, mugs, and framed prints of Queen Elizabeth. “My goal with these products was to create modern, fun collector’s items that you can treasure as a memento not only of the Jubilee but as a keepsake of what times were like in 2022.” Not your typical silhouette on a teacup, this merch features champagne, cake, and corgis! Count-me-in!

“I will be releasing lots of new Queen artwork over the next few months to celebrate her Platinum Jubilee and creating items to remember this big year in history! I will actually be starting a Queen series on my Instagram page with some fun prints planned!” These will be featured throughout @londonandlemon‘s Instagram page, so you must give it a follow!

Yaz shares, “Beyond the Queen being a beacon of quiet confidence and adaptable leadership in ever-changing times, she is also a certified cutie! She is just precious and I feel like she is basically like a grandma to the world. Is that just me?” NO! We love Queen Elizabeth and would love nothing more than to give her a giant hug.

“I think HM’s legacy will be so impactful across the world, particularly for women. We live in a time where we still have not had a female president in the U.S. and where the majority of world leaders are men. The Queen came onto the global stage as a monarch at just 25, and through decades of hard work, dedication to her country, and confidence in herself, she has mapped out a path for women to be respected as leaders,” says the entrepreneur.

“She is a true queen of adaptability, adjusting to seventy years of major changes across her reign. I think she can teach us all about keeping a positive attitude through changing times and going with the flow! On a less serious note, I think she normalized being obsessed with Corgis, and I just love that for us!”

These are turbulent times and Yaz hopes to use London & Lemon to make a positive impact on people’s day-to-day lives. Art is magic in that way: “After some circumstances that really changed my perspective on the world, I realized how incredibly important it is to find joy in the little things in life, and I want to share that with everyone that I can! To me, art is a simple way to spark happiness daily. I really hope London & Lemon’s pieces can inspire you to take a moment to find your everyday joy and smile daily.”

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Kinsey Schofield is the Founder of To Di For Daily and you can follow her on TwitterInstagram, or Facebook.