5 Times Dominic West was hotter than Prince Charles – ‘The Crown’ [VIDEO]

The Crown Season 5 is scheduled to start shooting in July with an all-new cast! Can I tell you who I’m most excited about? Dominic West as Prince Charles. The man literally carried The Affair. What was that last season about? Fight me.

While excited about the casting, I am still puzzled by the potential conflict of interest. Dominic is an ambassador for Prince Charles’ charity, The Prince’s Trust. According to their website, Dominic’s job as an ambassador is, “vital in helping us tell the story of The Trust to a global audience.” Translation: Dominic represents Prince Charles’ charity initiatives through television and physical appearances. Prince Charles and co. were livid after Season 4 of The Crown. Team Charles even had to turn off all of their social media comments. Why would someone that is at an arm’s length away from the future monarch jeopardize that relationship by playing him on The Crown

Hopefully, it won’t be a watered-down version of events when we know that these were some of Charles and Diana‘s most turbulent years.

Jack Farthing, Josh O’Connor, Dominic West… there has been some pretty generous casting of the Prince of Wales lately. To prove our point, we put together a list of five times Dominic was hotter than the future king. PS. Does this count as treason?

Expect to see Dominic in The Crown Season 5 premiering on Netflix, Fall 2022.

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