5 reasons Kristen Stewart and Princess Diana would have been great friends, based on their zodiac signs [VIDEO]

Kristen Stewart is playing Princess Diana in the upcoming biopic, Spencer. Ready to discover five reasons Kristen and Princess Di would have been great friends, based on astrology? Diana’s water sign combined with Kristen’s fire sign might seem like a contradictory pairing but Cancer and Aries actually make pretty great friends!

5. According to astrologers, Cancers can be a tad bit crabby… which makes Aries the perfect hype man (or woman) for their friend! See, when a Cancer is feeling moody, they can always count on their Aries friends to turn their frown upside down.

Kristen is said to be a very supportive friend. Actress Dakota Fanning once told Elle Magazine, “I can honestly say that my friendship with Kristen is one of the most special bonds in my life.” The two have done numerous movies together but became especially close when they shot the 2010 film, The Runaways.

4. While both Princess Diana and Kristen appear to be shy in the public eye, Kristen’s Aries might be more at ease with public situations and would help soothe a Cancer into uncomfortable social settings. Kristen has always been comfortable in front of the camera. From child star to leading lady, her only push back seems to be towards the gossip rags. … and can you blame her?

Reluctant of the press intrusion, Princess Diana was one of the first public figures we saw transition her media attention to spotlight charities and causes that were important to her. Turning that anxiety into something meaningful and fruitful.

3. Cancers aren’t always shy though! When around friends and family, a Cancer can become wildly spontaneous! We’ve heard examples of Princess Diana’s spirited nature from both of her boys. And no one better to ride shotgun with a Cancer than their Aries BFF. An Aries’ enthusiasm is contagious and when a Cancer has a crazy idea, well, Aries is there to help execute it!

2. In a recent interview with Insta-astrologer @emili, she told us that Kristen might get trapped “in her head a lot.” Surprisingly, this is a trait that the Cancer sign (not the Aries sign) is notorious for. Experts say that Cancers often overthink or overanalyze when it comes to issues. This is why an Aries and Cancer friendship is such a success because an Aries will typically bring a bright, light, fresh attitude to the table.

1. What it boils down to is the fact that opposites attract. Cancers and Aries complement each other and balance each other out. Both signs seem to learn from each other and help them grow. We could all use a friend in our lives that challenge and elevates us. That’s why Princess Diana and Kristen Stewart would have been really great friends!

See Kristen Stewart as Princess Diana in Spencer, only in theaters, on November 5th.

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