Study crowns Meghan Markle the media’s number one beauty influencer

Hi L’Oréal, these are probably stats that should be on your radar!

The Duchess of Sussex has been crowned the number one beauty influencer based on how many articles have been written about her cosmetic regime. Get this, over 88.5 million articles have been written about Meghan Markle’s hair, make-up, and skincare secrets! This beats out makeup mogul and OG influencer, Kim Kardashian, by over 10 million articles.

Unsurprisingly, one of our FIRST articles was about this very subject! Remember 5 Meghan Markle Beauty Hacks Under $10? “We can’t all be a movie star Duchess but we can certainly try.” Same mood.

The beauty influencer study was developed by RY and utilized Google news stats to determined what celebrities dominate in the beauty sphere. It was Meghan Markle who took home the crown, followed by Kim Kardashian, and then Taylor Swift. (Would honestly be terrified to be in the same room with all three of these women.)

In case you’re curious, RY reports that the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton has over 21,637,000 news articles written about her beauty secrets! That’s A LOT of articles.

After the birth of Lilibet Diana, Meghan has been enjoying maternity leave. However, the Archewell Foundation has been busy contributing to charities that are supporting recovery and rescue efforts in Afghanistan and Haiti.

Both the Duke and Duchess of Sussex recently released a statement via their website about the tragic events, “The world is exceptionally fragile right now. As we all feel the many layers of pain due to the situation in Afghanistan, we are left speechless. As we all watch the growing humanitarian disaster in Haiti, and the threat of it worsening after last weekend’s earthquake, we are left heartbroken.” The couple is encouraging fans, “to join us in supporting a number of organizations doing critical work.”

Looking to contribute? Here is a charity that I’m familiar with, CORE.

Congratulations to Meghan Markle on her new title! A beauty inside and out.

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