Reaction to BBC’s ‘The Princes and the Press’ episode 2 – Prince William Prince Harry documentary

I’m 22 minutes into episode two of BBC’s The Princes and the Press and it’s been wall-to-wall Sussex support.

Stop asking Camilla Tominey about her sources.

I’ve never had an issue with the way that Archie was secretly brought into the world. I always thought that they deserved that element of privacy when it comes to their babies but it was interesting to hear from the reporters about how it made their jobs complicated.

Half an hour in, we learn that Prince William was unhappy about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle‘s ITV special in South Africa. (This is prior to it even airing.) They referred to the Duke of Cambridge as “concerned for his brother.” They also discuss the differences in traveling with Prince William vs. Prince Harry and how William will invite the royal press team up to the front of the plane to discuss the trip, off the record, with the journalists. This ingratiates William to the royal reporters.

However, William has sued the media to protect his wife too. Both William and the Duchess of Cambridge started legal proceedings against Closer magazine in September of 2012 after they published pictures of Kate tanning topless while on vacation.

The way Amol Rajan questions Dan Wootton about breaking Megxit… (I am trying to work it out of my vocab, be patient.) YEAH RIGHT! Like Amol would have sat on that story.

Interesting defense of the tacky Tatler article, Anna Pasternak. 🤣

Amol just addressed the Duchess of Cambridge’s suit against Closer but is making the point that Harry and Meghan’s suits are more significant somehow.

What was the point of this “documentary?”

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