Hollywood Raw’s Dax Holt & Adam Glyn discuss Harry & Meghan’s life in Hollywood [VIDEO]

ToDiForDaily.com‘s Kinsey Schofield talks to the hosts of the Hollywood Raw podcast, Dax Holt and Adam Glyn. Both TMZ veterans and respected entertainment news journalists, the duo discusses what life for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle is like in the United States.

The Sussexes appeared at the Lisle Dixon Cup polo event supporting local charities on Sunday. Adam talks about their body language and if the royals need American media to succeed. Meanwhile, Dax throws it back to one of TMZ‘s craziest moments! Receiving photos of Prince Harry acting up in Las Vegas! PS. That’s not the only famous royal rump we discuss! Adam remembers meeting Pippa!

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Kinsey Schofield: Thank you so much for talking to the To Di For Daily podcast, Hollywood Raw. I’m a huge fan! Dax Holt, just to give a little bit of your backstory… I mean, TMZ for 12 years… you were the face for so long. And then you also worked at Extra… Access Hollywood. So you are Hollywood just… entertainment. It’s in your blood. And then Adam, I love Howard Stern. I actually met him once. He was super nice. You guys actually talk about how you are who you associate with. So obviously, you’re great people because Howard’s great people. And then you are just fearless when it comes to asking people to talk to you… the Jeff Bezos interview that went bonkers online that really had no substance. But it was just hilarious that you had the audacity to get in this guy’s face and ask him a question. So, it’s so interesting that you two combined have created this really great podcast, it’s so fun to listen to. And you really are giving the behind the scenes of what it’s like to be in Hollywood, work in Hollywood, and you know… talking to these people that are in these inner circles. So… thank you for taking the time to talk to To Di For Daily. ‘We’re not worthy’ as Wayne’s World would say.

Dax Holt: No, thank you. Thanks for having us. And thank you for having the exact same backdrop as me I love it. That’s what makes this whole thing amazing. How did we happen to pick the thing…

KS: I like to pretend that we’re neighbors.

DH: We’re literally filming out of the same room overlooking the skyline of LA with the same sunset in the backdrop.

KS: We’re so lucky! Alright, so I wanted to talk to you guys about Meghan and Harry because they are in this really weird place of being royalty and celebrity… but not enough of either one. Really, it’s kind of strange. They’re in this limbo. About a year ago you guys did a podcast that took off with a paparazzi that shot the very first pictures of them together and he revealed that Meghan used to stage paparazzi pictures. Do you think that that is still the case today? Or are they really these private characters that they tell us they want to be?

DH: Adam, I’ll let you take that one.

Adam Glyn: I think at the moment… based on what I’m seeing because… we have access to see some of the paparazzi photos before they hit the media… before they hit the news sites. So from what I’m seeing right now, I do think they’re hanging low. But I think it is strategic. I do think eventually they’re going to need the media to kind of elevate their careers since they’re not involved with the family anymore. But I do think they are really hanging low. We don’t see any photos of them anymore. And if you don’t want to be seen you won’t be seen. They stay out of the way… they’re only seen when they go to a big event. So yeah, I do think they’re backing up what they said they’re gonna do – for now.

DH: Yeah, I’ll piggyback on that and say that they are such a moneymaker for the paparazzi that the paparazzi would be all over them. You would see their every single move if they wanted to. Or they wanted to let you see their every move. But they don’t… you see random sporadic photos here and there of them up in Santa Barbara, or they’ll come down for an event but you really don’t see them doing their mundane tasks like going to a grocery store… filling up with gas… like that’s when you know that like they’re giving it up for the paparazzi. When you see the Kardashians at the gas station… when you see Britney Spears. That’s because they’re allowing the paps to see them and follow them and tell them and do all that kind of stuff. And you’re just not seeing that with Harry and Meghan.

AG: Which, I’m surprised that they’re able to stay so low! Especially being in California because the value for a photo for photographers is so high — that they aren’t able to be seen or be shot is pretty incredible.

KS: Well, I mean that’s another question for you. I’m sorry, Dax. You know, you’re my favorite but just one more question for you, Adam. Do you think that photographers might be a little sensitive towards Prince Harry because of his mother?

AG: I don’t think so. I don’t think there’s any… there’s no sympathy from the photographers at the end of the day everyone is trying to eat so it would be nice if there was some sympathy, however, people know the value of these photos. Their name is not attached to it. So it’s not like they’re going to, unless they don’t want their name to be there… unless they want their name to be attached. But at the end of the day, you know, cash is green, they want money. I don’t think there’s any sympathy from the photographers regarding Diana.

KS: Dax… were you in the newsroom? Because it’s my understanding that the pictures crossed your desk first at TMZ. That you purchased pictures…

DH: That was – yeah. So, my job at TMZ… I was the head of the clips clerk’s department. So I was managing all the videos, photos, anything that would come in from the outside world, whether that be from paparazzi, whether it be from a fan that shot a photo, whether it be a person that just happened to be in the right place, right time, they would come into me, and I would then pitch them out to the news desk and the TV show. And then if we liked him, I’d go ahead and secure them.

KS: Did you have anything to do with the Prince Harry’s Vegas romp? First of all, I just have to say I desperately miss that Prince Harry, like I miss when he was the bad boy of the royal family. He is now in a different way. But I miss Harry falling out of nightclubs and having cigarettes in his hand… if I’m being honest. Can you revisit that and tell me what that was like when that happened?

DH: Oh, God. I remember these photos coming in. And again, you’re right. This was a different time. Like Harry was like, crazy, wild, fun guy, you know. So when these photos came across, it was almost like, it wasn’t that weird. You know, you kind of expect to like, ‘Oh, it’s Harry being Harry again,’ like wanting to like piss off his family. You know, like, that’s kind of what it came across as and you’re like, ‘Yes, this is fun!’ Prince Harry, in a Vegas room, you know, playing strip pool or whatever it was that day. But just photos of Harry, just a** naked around the pool table. And I just remember being like, ‘This is the most amazing set of photos that have come across my desk.’ I mean, I’ve seen some crazy stuff, but like a royal naked in Vegas. I mean, that’s like creme de la creme there.

KS: Oh, my gosh. And you know, there was a huge controversy overseas because they were trying to kill your photos and they didn’t want them to cross over there. What is it like to be in the middle of a storm like that? Where you realize that you have really p***ed people off like… the palace is trying to kill your story!

DH: But there’s nothing they can do… like their photos from… I’m sorry, America! Were inside of a hotel room! The thing that I think that they were upset with is because, you know, they were trying to make it like ‘shield Harry from the world.’ But at the same time… this is Harry! This is who he is. He’s fun. He’s crazy. He’s like, you know, a lot of these 20-year-olds partying in Vegas. Like he just wants to have a good time. I don’t think those photos affected Harry like they affected the family. Like I think for him, he was like, ‘Hey, I’m a blast.’ I don’t think he was as hurt with those getting out as everyone else but they couldn’t stop him at that point. You know, they were already published on the website. You can’t get them removed.

AG: But let me ask you this, Dax. You hear the stories. You know, I hate to say this, but like Putin, you know, where like… when he’s messed with journalists, he puts something in her drink and kills them. For someone like you… when you do a story when you’re dealing with royalty… do you ever feel nervous that there might be some backlash coming to you?

DH: As the random news guy on the photo desk? No. Harvey Levin? Maybe! But me… no, I was good!

KS: No, that’s so funny. I was watching a documentary not too long ago and they talked about how the next day after the pictures were posted… there were shots of Prince Harry scrolling nervously on his cell phone outside of the hotel. Like you’re wondering if he’s refreshing the TMZ comments or something!

DH: That was him reading through grandma’s text. Dad’s text brothers text…

KS: (Laughing) ‘Why is Camilla texting me?’ That’s hilarious. So, there was a polo event yesterday… Sunday… where Harry and Meghan attended… Harry played. And there was a lot of criticism online because the invitation suggested that people should dress in Kentucky Derby wear and some royal watchers called it royal cosplay. Insulting them because they’re saying… if you wanted out of the royal fold… stop trying to pretend that you’re royalty in the states. I don’t know. I’m really into the idea of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle polo weekends… it’s very Santa Barbara. It seems authentic to me. What is your personal opinion… seeing their history… on how they’re trying to brand themselves in the states right now?

DH: I would say that, that’s probably people over in the UK saying that because here in America, Prince Harry and Meghan are still royalty to us. We don’t care what they think over in the UK… you guys can be mad at them… you can be upset that they left… you can side with whatever you want. Sorry, they’re royalty here in America and by all means… dress up, play royal, have a good time… because we are here for it!

AG: Yeah, no, I agree with Dax. It’s no matter what they do, even though they left the royalty, they are still royalty, they will always be treated as royalty. I have not run into them since they’ve officially moved to America. I’m curious how they roll around. Like when they go to one of these events. The security for them. You know, on the security… I was just with Jeff Bezos, I was just with Elon Musk… and I see how their security roles. I’m curious how Prince Harry’s security roles with Meghan. It doesn’t look like they’re hiding based on the photos I saw. Like they’re just sort of kissing out there. They’re kissing a lot at the event. But yes, no matter what… I think they’re always going to be royalty.

KS: Well, I don’t know. The Netflix show really seems like… if it is what people are saying it’s going to be… which is this reality show Kardashian style. I do wonder if it would dent the mystique that is associated with royalty. But… I honestly don’t know if that’s what they’re going for. I think that it will try to be charity-related, relevant to changing the world for the better. But to me, and you’re probably more familiar with this than I am… I never know what’s going to happen with them. I cannot guess to save my life what they’re going to do next. They are just so interesting and change direction so often.

DH: Yeah, I think I think there will be some kind of… you’re not going to get an Osbournes out of them! Let’s be realistic, they’re not going to do it. And if they do, then I think that there would be… it would be pretentious in regards to ‘Oh, we’re doing this for charity!’ Or ‘We’re doing this to raise awareness.’ Not exactly the reality show I want to watch. I would much rather watch the Newlyweds version of Harry and Meghan. I just don’t think it’s going to happen. You know, that’s not how Meghan rolls. I think that she wants that like, up, upward momentum type thing, you know, where she looks good. And that’s not what a reality show does.

AG: One of my favorite videos, though, was when they’re at this event… it was a red carpet event. And Harry went up to Bob Iger, the CEO of Disney, and was basically lobbying saying, ‘Hey, you should see…’ It was just so funny, like, talking about Meghan and her voiceover work. And it was so… I don’t think he realized like, it was awkward and uncomfortable to see that he was lobbying for her work. I get it, though, because you’re talking to the CEO of Disney. So, I don’t know. That. To me. It was one of my favorite videos. And I don’t think Harry understands how the business works. But I don’t know… I’m curious to see what her first role is going to be because I think she is going to decide she’s still going to work. I mean, that’s what she does.

KS: And the craziest thing about that video is that they’re like… standing next to Jay Z and Beyonce. And he’s like, ‘Are you sure you want to? Like you should give her a listen. Like she’s really talented!’ It’s like he’s straight pitching her like Shark Tank… like you’re watching a Shark Tank episode. And they’re standing next to Jay Z and Beyonce. And you’re like, ‘This is not it. This is not the right time.’

AG: This is not the way you do it.

KS: Exactly. ‘Let’s have coffee. Let’s go to the Polo Lounge. We’ll figure it out.’ No, that’s so funny that you brought that up because I felt the same way. But I mean, they’re so strange but at the end of the day, I really think I like them. I enjoy following their journey. But there’s so much hatred towards them.

DH: Do you see that hate in America? I don’t feel like I see that hate in America. I feel like it’s all in the UK. And I don’t know why. Like I don’t know why people dislike… number one, her. And I don’t know why they dislike them. Like when I watched that Harry interview from a couple of weeks ago when he was doing the Invictus Games. And he was… Who did he sit down with? Hoda? Maybe? Yeah, sit down with Hoda… I just thought that that interview was so interesting. She’s asking questions and the way he was asked, like, do you miss your family? He’s like, ‘Well, I miss living here…’ Like, yeah, you can tell he has a lot of disdain for his family. And I think if you watch The Crown, and you watch some of these TV shows that have unfolded and showed what like, the royal life is really like… I think you kind of sympathize with him. You’re like, ‘That’s not a normal family. That’s not how people treat each other.’ That’s, you know, like, he’s kind of grown-up and maybe it’s Meghan that helped him realize like, ‘This is not what it should be like. You should all love each other. You should all like, hang out together and enjoy each other’s company.’ And that’s clearly not the case. And you know, I think that when I watch these interviews, I feel bad for him. I feel bad. I feel like his mom was the rock in his life that showed him the love and and now she’s gone and he’s stuck with these grumpy a$* old men.

KS: Meghan, like Adam said, very affectionate yesterday at the polo event. She does seem to love him and I’m always TEAM, ‘Hey, if you’re getting out of Meghan, what you are lacking then I am TEAM YOU. Continued to do that.’ I don’t want them to be destructive towards the royal family though because I love the royal family. But I do love that they love each other and I’m very supportive of that. Adam, would you have the gonads to approach them on the street if you saw them? Like if it was a Bezos situation?

AG: 100%.

DH: Adam has gonads to approach anyone. What are you talking about?!

AG: You know, I gotta eat, man. This is how I make my money. This is how I live.

KS: What would you ask them?

AG: To be honest with you, these are not good questions… but it’s interesting questions because someone like him… If you’re just listening now… I ask people in the street… I’m holding a camera. I try to talk to them. I try to interview them on the street. With someone like him… I don’t know how he’s going to react. So I would try to… and I’m gonna be totally honest… I would bait him a little bit. What I mean, bait him, I would ask him a very, very softball question. Just to kind of, like hear him… just hear his personality. Honestly to be like, ‘Hey, man, what TV shows are you watching? What shows are you and Meghan binging on?’ To… the same question that Jeff Bezos ignored me on… but ‘What book would you recommend to people? How do we make polo big in America?’ You know, these questions that you just want him to speak on. That they’re not to… they’re not provocative, or they’re not anything that’s going to pi$% them off. Or, you know, again, maybe during a conversation… I’ll get into a little bit more. But my first question would be just to break the ice a little bit to unarm him. If that makes sense… to bring the wall down. I’m curious what TV shows he watches. I mean, that’s very basic… I want to know if he watches the Ozark because I love Ozark. That’s what I would do.

KS: My gosh. We should have freed Marty Byrde a long time ago.

AG: Yeah, that’s how I would do things. It’s funny. I think I would still… I think I’ve always referred to him (as Prince Harry.) I don’t think he’ll ever lose that title. He’ll always be Prince Harry.

KS: I agree. I totally agree. Dax, I know you two are pop culture junkies. What do you think about… and I know this is a crazy question… but I keep seeing it online… the comparisons between Meghan Markle and Amber Heard. Have you seen these and what are your feelings towards them?

Audible gasps from Dax and Adam.


DH: That’s brutal. That is brutal. Because right now, I mean, Amber Heard is just getting destroyed on social media. I said it before… I don’t know why people dislike Meghan so much. Like, I don’t get it. I don’t have those same feelings for her. So, I would say that’s kind of a jacked-up comparison. Personally, you know, I like Meghan, I like Harry. And so I’m gonna say whoever’s making those comparisons can go screw themselves.

KS: I know I asked you to talk about the royal family and my podcast is about the royal family but I have one more Johnny Depp question because I’m obsessed. You have said multiple times in your podcasts, as I’ve listened throughout the months, that you judge people by who they associate with. And I’ve loved that. I think Zig Ziglar used to say, ‘You are who you associate with.’ And Johnny Depp’s attorneys are… Johnny Depp’s attorneys are great. But Johnny Depp, security guards had to testify in this trial and I really want to party with those guys. And they… in their TikToks, their social media, they’re hilarious singing in the backseat of cars! Do you think that his company, the company he keeps, has represented him well throughout this trial?

AG: I mean, yeah, I would say they represent what kind of guy Johnny Depp is. I always say this when it comes to celebrities because I deal with a lot of celebrities, ‘You could tell how the celebrity is based on the people they surround themselves with.’ And the guys he surrounds himself with – like his friends. They’re fun guys. And Johnny Depp, from my experiences, is a great guy. He’s very nice. He’s very good to the fans. He’s like, he’s an interesting guy, a unique guy. Obviously, he’s had some issues and he’s gone through some trouble but he treats people well. At least the people that work for him… maybe not Amber Heard. But yeah, I think that kind of shows what kind of guy he is. I think the people he surrounds himself with are just, you know, a part of his personality.

KS: Yes, and Dax… on the same level, one of Harry and Meghan’s friends is a person on your biggest jerks list… Ellen DeGeneres.

DH: Ohhhh, I was like, ‘Wait! Who?!’ Yeah, okay, you know what? Okay. So here’s the thing about Ellen… Ellen may be a jerk to a lot of people… However, she’s good to her friends and people on her same level. You know what I’m saying? You’ve got to realize like, she lives up in Montecito right next to Oprah… right next to Meghan and Harry. So like, those are the people that you’re going to hang out with and associate with. Come over and have dinner because you guys are in that, like, ‘We can relate to each other. We live next to each other.’ I think that Ellen’s probably very good to all of her friends. She’s just… maybe not the best boss on the planet. Oh, you got me on that one, though!

AG: So funny though about Ellen… I feel like she potentially might not be that bad of a person. I just think she needed to be grounded as a boss because she didn’t realize what she was doing. From my experiences, again, she’s always been pretty decently nice. However, when I worked for a former company, Dax, I was told not to shoot her if I saw her. To walk the other way. And I don’t know if there was an issue… maybe she reached out to them and said, ‘Hey, I don’t want these guys to bother me or anything.’ And I didn’t bother her. She was somewhat nice but it was interesting that she had that type of pull saying, ‘Hey, if you see me don’t even come to me.’

KS: Okay, well, I’m gonna let you guys go but I did want to ask one final question: Do either of you have any royal stories, any royal encounters? Did you love Princess Diana?

DH: We’ve had a Meghan encounter!

KS: What?! Go go!

DH: She listened to our podcast. Meghan Markle listened to our podcast! And it was…

AG: The Mike The Situation episode, so random!


DH: No, this, this happened. So, we had Simon Rex on, I don’t know, a year and a half ago. Who co-starred with her… and Simon Rex had basically come on our podcast and was talking all about how right before the royal wedding there were all these reporters hitting him up saying, ‘Hey, we heard that you and Meghan dated.’ And he goes ‘Well, we co-starred in a show together.’ And they said, ‘No, no, we heard you guys dated. And we are willing…’ and he said this for the first time on a podcast… ‘We want to pay you $70,000 to lie and say that you guys hooked up and had sex.’ And he goes, ‘No, I wouldn’t take the offer.’ And so we broke this huge story about him refusing a massive payday to lie about her, basically, to ruin her name before her wedding and this became massive. Well, she ended up listening to the episode… hearing him talk about how he wouldn’t do it and she sent him a handwritten letter saying thank you for basically standing by your morals!

KS: Oh, wow. And you know, she’s got such nice handwriting! I’d frame that.

DH: Yeah, he did! He did. He said he’s got it framed up on his wall. I just thought, how cool… number one… we got the story out of him. Number two, she listened to us talking about this and sent him a letter like… the whole story is just amazing and blew our minds when we found out about it.

KS: I’ve heard that story. That’s amazing that you guys broke it but I’m not surprised because… I mean… not a day goes by that I’m not scrolling through Page Six and I don’t see your names. And to be involved somehow in the royal wedding. I mean, the biggest event in recent years. That’s incredible that you have a say in that. I’m so impressed. But I just want to say for the record if anybody ever wants to assume that I dated Simon Rex, I’m okay with that.

DH: Simon is awesome, by the way. He was a really fun interview. The guy was just so down, like down to earth and real and fun. I really enjoyed that interview. How did we even get him, Adam? I don’t even remember.

AG: We reached out we’re like, ‘Hey, we’d love to interview you.’ And this was before he did Red Rocket, the movie that kind of blew up this past year. He was just a good guy.

DH: He had connections with Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie and Kim Kardashian. Those were the stories we were looking for and then he gave us Meghan! This gold that blew up and became the biggest story out there!

KS: You guys have a lot of people I love on your podcast too. I was so excited to see Ashley Parker Angel. The boy band girl in me was exploding inside. Adam, have you run into William or Catherine ever on the streets of New York?

AG: You know who I ran into on the streets of New York and was so pretty in person and I was actually just like, ‘She’s kind of charming!’ Pippa! Pippa Middleton! Remember Pippa? Do we still talk about Pippa? Is she still covered that much?

KS: Usually in the UK but not so much here.

AG: So, I ran into Pippa. This is her first time back in New York after she became a sensation from Kate’s wedding. She came to New York and was at the Soho House and I remember all the paparazzi were going crazy for her, you know, and she wasn’t like a star with security. She was a normal person. So I remember like, here’s my move at the time, I thought she was single, and I was like, ‘I’m gonna hit on her.’ And I started hitting on her on the street and I filmed it and she was loving it. She was like laughing… she’s feeling it. And I actually thought like, she was like, feeling the kid. And it just didn’t obviously didn’t go anywhere. But it was funny. Like the video is online, I think that was at TMZ at the time, and I filmed her… trying to, like, hit on her. I forgot what I was saying but she’s very charming. Very pretty. She stood out. She had like this, like, just natural look to her, but very cool, very nice. And I remember that weekend she was here she went to the US Open and my buddies were in the same suite as her and she was super nice taking photos with everyone and she just became like a big star for a couple of months. It slowed down. I don’t think she’s been to the state since but yeah, she was an interesting one.

KS: Well, thank you so much for talking to the To Di For Daily podcast Dax and Adam. I love Hollywood Raw! I cannot wait for the next episode. I’ve given you my five-star review. And so much fun to listen to you guys gab about what’s really going on in LA. Bye guys. Bye.

DH: It was fun! Bye!

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