Prince William wants to improve the royal family’s reputation and diversify his staff

I personally felt like the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were set up to fail with their Caribbean tour. No matter who is technically to blame for the negative press, Prince William seems to have taken the L to heart and is not looking to put himself in a similar situation in the future.

The Daily Mail is reporting that William and Catherine are desperately seeking advisors that are young, bold, and well equipped to handle one of the toughest PR and strategy positions in the world.

Allegedly there have been two interviewed for the job… that weren’t quite up to snuff. Imagine being one of those individuals and reading about it in the paper! Ouch! But every failed interview is probably helping the Cambridges narrow down exactly what they’re looking for in counsel.

We know what they’re not looking for in counsel. The men in gray suits. Prince William has lived within the institution long enough to know what they would advise and it seems his instincts are telling him to do the exact opposite lately.

While holding on to tradition is valued by royal watchers, the Cambridges look to modernize the monarchy in unique ways that won’t offend or worse… lead to the extinction of what some believe is an outdated concept in general.

Nevertheless, the future is bright with Prince William and Catherine on the horizon. They loath drama, they are compassionate, they are fearless, and they seem more accessible and relatable than any other members of the Mountbatten-Windsor family before them.

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