Lilibet ‘Lili’ Diana Mountbatten-Windsor’s first astrology reading

We’ve reunited with Emili Adame, a Celebrity Astrologer and Intuitive Healer from Soul House, to bring you Lilibet ‘Lili’ Diana Mountbatten-Windsor‘s first astrology reading. “They are going to have their hands full with this mini Queen,” laughs Emili. “She’s going to rule them all!”

Looking at Lili’s birthday, birth time, and location, Emili is able to develop an astrological description of Lili’s future and personality. “She will be a bit dramatic like her Mom but she’s going to be a lot like Harry,” explains the soul reader. “Lilibet is going to be a very inquisitive child. She will love to learn and will be quite vocal. I feel like she is going to be the center of attention between the two children. She may even have a flair for the dramatic and might be a little bossy.”

I like to think that bossy is just another word for sassy and sassy girls are the best girls!

Emili continues, “Patience won’t be her strong suit, but she will have a very caring and sensitive heart like her grandmother, Princess Diana. I do see that Lili will have some of the same energetic lessons on her journey as her father. Lilibet will have to watch out for careless spontaneity and resisting others’ ideas and views. She will be a fearless leader.”

When it comes to Lili’s career, she seems to take after her ambitious Mom. “I see her having her own business,” says Emili. “She will be very competitive but will also have the heart of a peacemaker. She will not like injustices and will try to help others.”

Lili will likely be an entrepreneur. “She will be quite powerful in her own right and will be very attracted to making her own money. She will be drawn to work that revolves around creativity and technology, and will be organized when it comes to financial planning.”

Taking a quick look at Meghan’s chart, Emili says that the new mom’s star power will continue to rise. “Meghan is going to achieve more fame in 2022. I see more money and something she’s been trying to manifest will come true.” That sounds exciting!

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