Celebrity Astrologer Emili Adame talks Royal Astrology and Predictions in our new podcast!

On the latest episode of the To Di For Daily podcast, celebrity astrologer Emile Adame discusses Prince William, Duchess Catherine, Prince Harry, and Meghan Markle‘s zodiac signs, their compatibilities, and even explores some royal predictions!

Emili is a celebrity astrologer that works with entrepreneurs, authors, and reality tv stars – to name a few! Some of our most popular posts on ToDiForDaily.com feature Emili’s commentary. If you’re curious about astrology, you might also enjoy: We read Princess Diana’s cards 23 years after her death or Lilibet ‘Lili’ Diana Mountbatten-Windsor’s first astrology reading.

Throughout the podcast, we debate a “challenging time” for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, Samantha Markle’s defamation suit, and backlash from Prince William and Kate Middleton’s Caribbean tour.

Editor’s Note: At approximately 16:55, I (Kinsey) reference Princess Beatrice attending the Super Bowl with Prince Harry. This was obviously Princess Eugenie.

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Kinsey Schofield: Okay! Emili, thank you so much for talking to ToDiForDaily.com. You’re my go-to astrologer for everything celebrity-related and royal-related. What can you tell me about the royal family through their astrology signs?

Emilie Adame: Yes, well, each chart is very different. You’d have to do a deep dive into each chart because each person has a specific purpose. And I talked about, you know, Harry separating from the family is very much part of his own purpose. But when I look at Kate and William, their purpose is to be in the monarchy and to lead.

Kate’s a Capricorn. Her sun is in Capricorn. This is who you are on the inside. And Capricorn is ruled by Saturn. It’s the father of the zodiac. It’s an energy of tradition. It’s an energy of stability. It’s an energy of steadiness, it’s working hard for what you want. It’s the goat. So, it’s all about work. And it’s being a leader. So it’s a very big energy. And then her Moon, which is her emotions, and also her own mother is in cancer. So this is where, you know, the nurturing side of her comes out, although it’s not shown fully publicly, because of that Capricorn energy. But you can see it there, you know, when she smiles and she connects with people. But cancer also can hide themselves, you know, they can get drained really easily. They can feel everyone’s energy. And so, you know, they can kind of go into their shell and shut down. For her though, like when I look here, it’s really that Capricornia and energy, I don’t know what her ascendant is, because I don’t know what time she was born. But her north node is in Cancer, and so is her husband’s. So, she and William both have a cancer north node, which is to basically… I mean, Cancer is about family. So, they have a duty to the family. That is their destiny.

I think Harry… Harry’s energy, his north node is in Gemini, so he has an energy to spread a message. He has a message to give to the collective. So, it’s very, very, very different.

And then Meghan, Meghan has a north node in Leo, which is you know, north node in Leo is to be famous, it’s to shine, it’s to not conform to society, it’s to be a leader in some sort of realm of being noticed or well known.

KS: Right?

EA: Her sun is also in Leo. Her sun – who she is on the inside – Leo is ruled by the sun. Leo is the energy of the actor or the entertainer. Fame. But their paths clearly, to me, are just very different. And really, for Meghan… Meghan’s life path is about stepping into the spotlight, finding her own individuality. Not trying to belong anywhere, which she is still clearly working through, right? Because with the royal family, and all the press, and all of the newfound fame at this level, she is having to make her way as an individual, which is very important for her path. And then when I look at Harry, you know, Harry is also very individualistic. But he, I feel, even though he can have a very spontaneous energy, he also can be very set in his ways. He is somebody, I feel too, that he can overthink, and he lives a bit in the past. And so his energy is trying to move forward. I feel that they met each other at the right time. And if I were just looking on the surface, I would say, ‘Hmm, they might be a good match.’ But I really feel that their energies like truly, truly are copacetic. I mean, they’re soulmates… regardless of what people think. They’re here to complete something very important together.

KS: They’re defined as the royal rebels… is there anything rebellious in their cards?

EA: Absolutely. With Meghan, she is learning to march to the beat of her own drum. She is learning to be a leader, not a follower. So, that within itself… just taking that individualistic tone. Whereas, you know, with the monarchy, social graces are important looking a certain way, you know, she was never going to mold into that. And honestly, her life’s path isn’t asking her to, it’s asking her to do the opposite. And with Harry, Harry is searching for a deeper truth, I feel. Obviously, very connected with his mother. He’s still exploring what he truly wants. And so they both absolutely look like wild cards, but they’re truly on the right path and living their own purpose.

In the period that I see that both William and Kate are in… when I look at their energies… right now, it looks like there’s energy around cooperation, there could be someone around them, I feel, that is being stubborn and inflexible. So, there’s a lot of focus on making compromises, maintaining peace, and there’s a lot of energy around humanitarian pursuits. I wish I could say that I follow everything about the royals, but I don’t just because I’m reading people every day… but when I get into the energy, it’s really about peace and harmony and maintaining cooperation through work. So, I feel like they’re actually handling this energy a lot better than maybe what is being shown out to the public.

Kate’s very logical, she’s very stoic, she’s very nurturing. And she’s very business-minded. So, there’s a lot of energy around, I don’t want to say being nonemotional… but not getting too far into the emotions.

KS: Right? That’s really interesting because I feel like she kind of presents herself that way as well as, I think, stoic! Which you used… a great word to describe her. And something that’s very similar to what we see with Queen Elizabeth.

EA: Yes. And I, I actually feel that their energies are very, very similar. Just like with William, where, you know, he knew he came in knowing that he had a job to do and I feel that this was very much obviously Kate’s destiny as well. I mean, everything in her chart lends to being royal, lends to this being a career, a job, a path, and taking it very seriously. Being very mature about it and not letting emotions get in the way.

KS: Wow. So all those comments we see born to be queen underneath great pictures of her. Those are legit!

EA: They’re very legit. She was meant to be royal. She’s got the energy.

KS: I love that. What is going to happen… do you think? ‘What do you think will happen?’ I should ask… with Samantha Markel and Meghan Markel? Samantha has recently filed a lawsuit against Meghan Markel for defamation. She believes that Megan lied about her within the Finding Freedom book and throughout the Oprah interview and it has cost her her reputation and professional opportunities. Is this going to go to court? Do you think it’ll be handled privately? Do you think that Samantha will come out the winner?

EA: So… the energy I see her in this year… the cards are really in her favor… I feel… being able to speak her truth. But there’s also a lot of fear there. I have to be totally honest here, I feel that both women were dishonest in their own way. So this is, you know, this is a he-said she-said type of situation, whereas… it’s got a greater effect on Samantha than it does on Meghan, I feel… because it’s affecting her day-to-day life. She is clearly not a famous person with the means that her sister has. But I do feel that she will be successful. I can’t see… so… court cases are super tricky and I haven’t looked super deep into the energy… but I feel she has a large sum of money coming to her. So… between this year and next year… between age 57 and 58… either there will be something handled privately, or she will, her case will be heard and she will win a sum of money.

I just feel that regardless of what the outcome is… she’s going to still feel very betrayed. And she, I feel, is someone that has a very hard time letting go of things and can seeth over them. So… this is like really rocking her to the core. And Meghan is someone that does not like confrontation. So… I see that there could be money to either… kind of make it go away. And we may not see it publicly… but I just see she’s going to win money. But at the end of the day… it’s not going to solve the energy of what’s really going on. There’s other stuff happening here. And they both are experiencing loss in their current life in this lifetime. But on different levels. They’re more similar than they think they are.

KS: Wow! No, that’s so interesting. Also, you know, just coming from an outsider’s perspective, I’ve covered a couple of court cases and it seems to me like it would be in Meghan’s best interest to just make this go away because you don’t want all of the dirty laundry aired on every TV station and every entertainment show and you know the tabloids will go bonkers for any sort of salacious detail about Meghan’s life growing up. And honestly… I’ve read several biographies on Meghan… Andrew Morton‘s was the most thorough. The book is great and it’s a thorough exploration of her life growing up. I don’t… I didn’t feel like I knew the woman after I read it. So, there’s obviously so much to still be discovered about Meghan. And you know, a lawsuit is probably the last way Meghan wants people to discover it. And she just… and tell me if this is in her cards, or if this has anything to do with her sign… she just seems like she needs to control the narrative. And she wants to control what people know about her and how they find out. And that’s why, to me, it feels like that’s why the whole royal situation was uncomfortable for her because all of a sudden, she was too big to control the story. And it… I think it pained her.

EA: It’s interesting that you brought that up because when I was looking at her energy and her chart, and just overall everything, the biggest thing that stands out with me, for her, and this is part of her destiny path too… so we all have our ups and downs or flaws… things that we’re working on. It’s very important the way that she is viewed. There’s a lot of energy in her first house, which is the house of self. And so she works very hard to be viewed a certain way. It’s very important to her. And her north node is there. So, she’s finding her identity. She’s trying to form her identity away from family away from you know, whatever her current role is, her job, her husband, the monarchy, she’s really here to step out as an individual. But… we may never see the real Meghan because I feel, also, she goes to great lengths to hide certain parts of herself. Because she doesn’t want to share that obviously with the public. So… when you say you don’t really know a lot about her… she doesn’t really still know who she is. She’s still figuring out her own identity. And that’s part of her destiny.

KS: Do you think that Harry and Megan are forever? I mean, you said they were fated. They’re soulmates. But does that mean that you are forever and ever? I don’t know.

EA: Before, when I’ve looked at them, I had felt that the relationship could end. But I think too… a lot of the energy that I was seeing was I was seeing all the trouble that was coming right after the wedding. What I still see is more chaos. This is a very challenging marriage, very challenging. Here’s what I feel… I can see two roads. And one of the roads that I see is that the relationship itself… that they could grow apart at some point emotionally, but that Harry would feel a duty to his children and would not leave them. But I do see a lot of problems in the relationship behind closed doors. And currently, right now they’re at odds. I see her having a lot of heartache right now. And I feel that he wants to be back home. And she does not, she doesn’t want to be a part of that. She has other plans. I think I mentioned to you previously, maybe months ago… that I had felt that he would wake up one day, and he would say, ‘Wait a minute… you know… what decisions have I made here?’ because he can have an energy of kind of careless spontaneity. And it’s kind of catching up with him. And I feel that he’s realizing that it’s important to mend the relationship with his brother and with the family and to still be an active participant. But I feel that this is painful for her, she does not feel seen or heard or doesn’t feel that she belongs when it comes to the family. And so she feels very much like an outsider. And I do see some energy coming up. Like I would say, April through June, she may have some issues in the headlines. I just see some trouble coming up, I see a consistent pattern with them, where they’re just going to be tossed throughout the press. And again, it’s part of her own life path to stand up and have self-confidence and to really follow her heart’s desires, which for her is going to be philanthropy… I feel… a road path just like Diana. Yeah. But with Harry, there’s just a lot of tension around what decisions are to be made, I feel that his heart right now lies at a distance. And she’s… they’re just at odds right now. I don’t see them splitting up right now. In fact, I see that there could be a third child in the future if they choose it. But this is not an easy marriage. At all!

KS: When you say that, and we’ve seen Prince Harry by himself a couple of times lately… we saw him go to the Super Bowl alone… well, he was with Beatrice (Editor’s Note: It was Princess Eugenie) he wasn’t with Meghan. But we also recently saw him in Fort Worth, Texas at a rodeo by himself… where he looked a little out of place. So, that’s interesting that you say that there are some challenges happening right now. I don’t know if you get a sense of this from astrology but I sometimes… I imagine Prince Harry and Meghan sitting at home, doing, you know, doing nothing to engage in some of the chaotic headlines that are constantly coming out about them? Are they? Are they doing anything to instigate this interest around them or does interest naturally exist?

EA: I feel like they have lots of discussions, lots of discussions, lots of planning lots of figuring things out! I feel like they talk a lot with each other and Harry, I feel, is someone who is really interested in the way that other people think, asking a lot of questions. He’s got a lot of curiosity in his energy. So, I feel that they do have a lot of discussions. I feel like they nonstop talk about all of this and she’s deeply sensitive. Like I said, it really wounds her to see all of the headlines that are negative. It deeply affects her because she’s still trying to find her own identity and forge her own paths in this lifetime and when you marry somebody that’s part of the monarchy, you are expected to mold into that, but that’s not her pathway. So it looks very rebellious. But at the same time, you know, Harry has always been, I feel, kind of in between, I always felt he would kind of break free. He is somebody that needs to get out his own truth and I feel that very deeply in regards to his mother. You know, he, I don’t want to say that Prince William took Diana’s death better, but I feel that he understands the business of the monarchy. Harry, I thought, was more deeply affected.

KS: Yeah, I would just say… I don’t think…. yeah, I don’t think that necessarily he took the death better. I just think he immediately knew he had a job and Harry didn’t. William immediately had an assignment. He knew that one day he would be King. And Harry was always and repeatedly reminded, he was always ‘the spare.’ And so he didn’t have that… ‘I need to straighten up because the world is watching because one day, I will be in charge.’ It was really like, ‘I just miss my mom and I’m spiraling because I don’t have anything to do or anywhere to go.’ So… I understand what you’re saying. Most certainly, Harry probably does struggle with it more because he’s got more time to think about it. He’s got more time to dwell and Prince William has been given assignments and a big assignment in general and I think it’s been harder for Prince William to dwell on it because he’s also had, you know, he had private meetings with the Queen all growing up that Harry didn’t have access to because he wasn’t preparing to become King. I do get that… and I wonder at what point the monarchy might start to create real jobs for the quote-unquote spare? Or does the spare even need to exist anymore? I don’t know, it just feels like clearly with Princess Margaret with Prince Andrew and with Prince Harry – I mean Prince Andrew, my God – but clearly not having that role and that objective in life and that end game and that goal… it’s unhealthy for these people and they get into trouble.

EA: And with Harry… his life path is just so different. You know, it’s like you said, I mean, and I see it that way too, with the energy with William… is that he knew what his job was going to be. Whereas, Harry, I feel, is also more predisposed to thinking negatively, and to having… I feel he can get really in his mind and get down and it’s very much tied to the past. So, he’s retracing those steps and trying to figure it out. But what he may not fully realize about himself is that he’s actually a teacher. He has a voice and he does have a purpose. So… him figuring out what that is, is going to be really important. And the two of them together, Harry and Meghan, they’re both… even though they’re at odds right now… their paths are both essentially saying that they are trying to figure out who the hell they are.

KS: Yeah. Well, we see these two separate Harry’s in the public eye since he’s left the royal family. We see him, you know, trying to do these $10,000… I think… it was either 10,000 or $100,000… these speeches, you know, à la, Barack Obama and Bill Gates and… kind of pursuing that venture of leadership almost. But then we also see the silly side of him where he’s dressed up all in orange, like a traffic cone, juggling outside of Meghan’s window during the 40 by 40 Initiative video. So, we see these two super different sides where he’s trying to play on the same field as former presidents and Mark Zuckerberg… but then he’s also super silly dressing up… juggling… who is the real Prince Harry?

EA: They’re both part of him. I think, too, he’s always gonna have that kind of boyish fun, like court jester, you know, mischievous side to him. And letting that shine is important for him. When you were talking about the speaking… that is absolutely part of his life path because I feel that that’s his main energy purpose is to teach in some way… to give the world very important information. He has an energy about him where he can get into comparing himself to other members of the family. And then he invalidates his own feelings, you know, and really, honestly, like his energy to me really spoke of that he wasn’t happy in the position that he was in but he did it anyway. And I feel that Meghan’s energy kind of came in to put him deeper on his destiny path but right now we’re seeing that he holds on again to the past. There’s nostalgia there. So… this breakaway that he’s had, he’s, he’s kind of rethinking some of this. He’s rethinking how he wants to move forward.

KS: Why do people connect with Prince Harry but they don’t connect with Meghan Markel?

EA: Again, she doesn’t reveal all of herself. She’s very protective of her own energy. And she’s still figuring out who she is. So… there’s a lot of energy around wanting to try to fit in and belong in her life path but never actually being able to fit in anywhere… and it’s very confusing for her. That energy can rub people the wrong way. And I think also, you know, given the history of the paparazzi and everything… I think she’s been shielded more by her husband.

KS: Yes!

EA: He’s trying to protect her based on what happened with his mother and she does accept that and acknowledge that but I do feel like she does get really scared. She’s still figuring out how to step into her own power. And she’s not there yet… so we don’t see her full true expression. And it comes off, I think, as unsettling to other people because she’s not revealing her. Her essence… her full energy. She’s hiding it.

KS: Do you think she wants to be president one day?

EA: Ah, that’s quite interesting. So… I do feel like there is some energy around her getting into politics. I do feel like there is a pathway there… if she does choose it. I feel like right now, too, she’s being mentored by some people that are within that realm and very high up. And that she has big plans for herself. I think that she is going to serve best by being philanthropic and giving back to the world. That is part of her path, you know, love her or hate her. And, truthfully, I think also, you know, when we would look at Diana, Diana didn’t really reveal all parts of herself. She’s deeply sensitive but at the same time, she was quite lonely and quite sad. I think that Harry didn’t want the same thing to happen to his wife.

KS: And she’s not lonely and sad now? I mean, we don’t hear a lot about them. We haven’t seen her in a long time. You don’t feel like she’s lonely and sad now, or…?

EA: Um… I actually do. Right now, in this very moment. I actually feel that she’s really struggling. She’s struggling with some heartache. I see continued turbulence. Outside of them. I see continued turbulence, like ups and downs within the relationship.

KS: And truly, truly, we probably will never hear about that stuff because they are so private. It’ll probably come and go under the radar. And that’s fine. It’s none of my business! But I’m curious to see how successful their Netflix shows are. They have… currently in production… two shows… one about Invictus Games… which is Prince Harry’s production that’s going to follow wounded warriors on their track to the next Invictus Games. Prince Harry’s supposed to appear in that… and then Meghan Markel is producing a children’s cartoon for Netflix about a young girl that’s inspired by these iconic women in history. All eyes are on them because we know that they were cut such big checks for this relationship… will these products be successful?

EA: I feel like the projects that they’re involved in will be successful… and I see her becoming more famous. You know… she’s coming to the end of a long cycle. And she’s going to be obtaining a lot of the goals that she set for herself within the public in the next… I feel… three years. I do feel that they will be successful. And part of it, too, is that there are people that do identify with her, they see her, you know, this was what you would consider a commoner who became a royal essentially and that story is fascinating to people. Also, I think people are really fascinated with just the curiosity of seeing what they’re about. So… I do think that it will do well and I see other projects coming too. I feel she’s going to do a lot of things with some other very notable people. And even, I mean, when she’s 42… there’s a lot of energy around fame and projects in the public. What’s interesting is that I continuously see her being dragged through the press, though. She could have a big win or she could do something kind of, you know, show part of herself… and then I see some challenges. So…

KS: So… it’s not an easy road ahead… but it’s a successful road ahead.

EA: It’s a successful road… but the road is not easy, I would say. I look at marriages and relationships and just life paths in general… even though she has the prestige and the money and the power that she has at this point… this is a very challenging life path.

KS: I think that that’s fascinating. And what I also think is fascinating is… I know she’s having these conversations too because she believes in astrology, you know, she went to an astrologer shortly before she met Prince Harry and said, ‘What is your advice for me?’ because she’s been kind of obsessed with love. And she really wanted to find somebody after Trevor and the astrologer said, ‘I think you’ll meet somebody in the UK.’ He didn’t know it was a prince, but he said, ‘I think you’ll meet somebody in the UK.’ So, we know that Megan is also as interested in this… maybe not as much as Princess Diana but she certainly believes in it!

EA: She’s got Scorpio in the fifth house. So… it’s a couple of things: The fifth house is creativity, it’s children, it’s also true love romance and dating. And Scorpio is a very intense sign. It’s a water sign. It’s the most sensitive sign in the zodiac, but it’s black or white. You know, it’s intense passion. So when it comes to her creative projects… she is going to go in with such an intensity and such a passion that it’s going to create transformation. Same thing with the relationship. She was never going to go into this… you know, and just, sit on the fence. She went all-in into the relationship. She is a bit intense. She likes to merge very quickly and she’s very loyal. And she’s got seventh house Capricorn. This is a pretty good position for marriage for the long term. But again, two people can grow apart emotionally.

KS: It feels like I hear a lot… that she’s super loyal. I’ve read that in Andrew Morton’s book about her… that she’s just the greatest friend. She’s super loyal. But on the outskirts… what you’re saying is so much goes on behind the scenes that we don’t see and hear about… and I believe that that’s true but what we do see and hear about are a lot of burned bridges. You know, Jessica Mulroney, who was one of her best friends who was at the wedding and her children were in the wedding. That was her stylist in Canada…

EA: I can tell you why! Okay, her wounding is in the 11th house. The 11th house is friendships. It’s the public, its community. So she’s learning all of her lessons and all of her wounding, and friendships and dealing with the public, dealing with anything that has to do with the masses. And her Chiron – which is her wounding – is in Taurus. And Taurus is about losing things. So she’s going to lose many friendships and people along the way… this is a life path where she is having to let go of money, of people, of places, of ideas. So… that’s part of her evolution and her destiny. She has a lot of learning around that 11th house. And also… she can be a bit stubborn, I feel. So, you know, it’s like she can see things a certain way. But although her Moon is in Libra, she likes to also be diplomatic. There is a lot of energy around her also not feeling like I said, like she fits in… and this goes into friend groups, too. So she’s kind of a lone ranger. That’s how I see her energy.

KS: Do you suspect that Prince Harry will reconnect with his family anytime soon? Or do you think that he’s going to sadly be on his own for a little while?

EA: I do feel like he wants to reconnect. I do feel that this is part of their (Harry & Meghan) issue that they’re having personally together. I do feel that there are conversations. I feel that he’s actively trying right now. Whether or not it will be well received, whether or not it will amount to anything in the future… I can’t really see that at this moment. Because there’s a lot of energy blocking in between their relationship… where they’re at odds with this. Again, they’re trying to forge their own paths. They’re together but his heart right now… I feel is in the UK. And, of course, he loves his wife and his kids and his heart is with them too. But he is having some regret right now with the way that things were handled.

KS: Yeah, I mean, I think about that all the time… There’s this historic entity that is a dinosaur and it functions like a dinosaur and Prince Harry is old enough to know that it functions like a dinosaur… for them to go behind the dinosaur’s back and to get this hot shot LA/New York PR firm to help them strategize Megxit and this big launch of a secret website… Harry had to know that this would be frowned upon and it would feel like betrayal to all of the players involved. So… I totally get what you’re saying… that he might be going, you know, ‘Was that really the best move?’ Because I think once he did that… I think that a lot of the people that normally would side with him or would have his back thought, ‘They are wildcards and I don’t want to be involved in this.’

EA: This is the other thing about his energy… he doesn’t want to be seen as weak. There is an energy where it’s like… he wants to be seen as having more control over his life and his path and his destiny. And he does have a lot of fear and doubt and inner confusion. I think a lot of it was about him not being seen as weak and him rising up onto his own path. But the way that he did it, I kind of feel – again, it was that spontaneous energy… and he was a little bit self-righteous. And that energy is not good for him. He doesn’t like to be told what to do. He has his own ideas and opinions. And when he makes a decision… he goes all in… but he can have blinders on. I think the exit could have been done better. But that was what he chose. But again, this is his path in his own learning. Unfortunately, he’s part of the monarchy and he’s doing it publicly. Not everybody has a life path that consists of that. But we’re all seeing it play out in real-time. There’s also a lot of energy where he could go back and be like, ‘Man, I kind of want to change my mind.’ But this is where confusion comes up from him.

KS: What I like about what you said, in regards to William and Kate, is that things might look different on the outside than are going on on the inside. It seems like they’re comfortable and confident with what is happening on the inside and they have faith that things are going to get better. With the chaos kind of happening right now in the press, it was very bad PR, their latest royal tour… I didn’t necessarily see it but I’m seeing other people say it like I got an email from CNN this morning that said, ‘Failed tour!’ And I thought, ‘Well… that’s being dramatic.’ But do you see a successful future for them? Do you see… I know with Harry and Meghan, you said, ‘Oh, my goodness, so much to look forward to even if it is a roller coaster… they do have exciting opportunities ahead of them.’ Do you see the same with William and Kate?

EA: Definitely a roller coaster for Meghan and Harry… the one thing I do want to point out is that even though the press is reporting this drama and chaos… they (William and Kate) don’t feed into drama and chaos. They don’t even pay attention to it. So when I look into their energy, it’s more their energy feels successful about the tour. Whatever is being reported, again, is not really what’s going on on the inside. When I look at Kate’s energy, there’s a lot of focus on mastering things, getting organized, especially this year. She’s moving into more… energy around partnerships, certain partnerships, taking on kind of new roles within her own duties. And part of that is also being out in the public… which they have been for a long time… but there’s some energy here in creating more tranquility. I feel like the energy is to stabilize all of this drama that has been around the family. Starting with Harry and Meghan… I just feel that they don’t want to give in to that energy. And then obviously, the energy with Prince Andrew, there’s just so much that’s been happening around the royal family for the last five years. Was it five years? Maybe longer? But when I’m looking here… she, in particular, is looking for tranquility and stability here.

KS: That’s brilliant because we have heard from insiders that she is the fixer. That she is the glue that’s holding everything together and, kind of, the face of ‘Everything’s going to be okay.’ So that works! That works incredibly well with that narrative that we’ve heard from royal insiders. That’s awesome.

EA: Yeah, when I look at them in the future… the way that the energy shows up for them is they’re both coming to the end of a cycle. And I do feel that the next cycle that they’re in will be more prosperous and when I say prosperous… it doesn’t have to be financial… that can mean more money or well-received within the public. When I look at both of their energies, it’s like this year 2022 and 2023… there are difficulties here, okay, they’re facing difficulties, but I feel that they’re handling it well and that’s all that matters. The next phase of energy from, I would say, around 2024 to 2030… the energy is about keeping the peace and about stability and foundation. Again, as you’re talking about her being a fixer, I see also his energy moving into that too. I feel that they are a very unified front and I see that they have the same goals here. So, it looks, it looks good to me. Now, that doesn’t mean that they’re not going to have scandals or energy to deal with. But it feels to me… the next few years are really where the energy is going to end up changing. This year… 2023… it could be challenging but then we get to 2024… and it just, it feels better, it feels a lot better.

KS: That’s great to hear. And do you feel like with Williams’s energy shifting into fixer status… that might be a sign that his heart softens a little bit towards Prince Harry? And my try to heal that wound?

EA: They have a very challenging relationship… I still feel that they were just born to do such different things and they don’t fully understand each other. I feel that… and I want to be careful about how I say this… I feel that William has a more… mature energy… that his energy is older than he actually is… along with Kate. They may look at Harry and Meghan as being very disruptive… and if they’re going to go off and do their own thing… then they need to just go, right? I still see challenges around their relationship. I feel that there will be conversations… but I don’t know that they’re going to get back exactly to the place that they were at. I see Harry making more of an attempt to mend… I just see William is… ‘I’ve got a job to do here. I don’t have time to deal with kind of child’s play.’ That’s kind of how his energy reads to me.

KS: Thank you so much for talking to ToDiForDaily.com, Emili!

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